The Most Marketing for the Money

Tons of Services – Low Cost – No Contract!

Finally, a marketing solution that keeps your business visible online, but without the high costs and large financial risks. We are Internet marketing experts who do more services for the money than anyone else, and don’t require high upfront payments or time-commitments. Also, all assets that are created are owned by you!

Let’s have a conversation so we can answer all of your questions, and discuss the next steps for your business.

Get it all for $129/mo. — No contract — Keep as long as you’re happy!

  • WEBSITE (incl. hosting, blog & video)
  • 1 new content piece per month (blog post or video)
  • 500 YouTube ad views per month
  • Facebook posting
  • Twitter posting
  • LinkedIn posting
  • 1 email marketing blast per month
  • Google remarketing ads
  • Facebook remarketing ads
  • Testimonial generation
  • SEO optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Analytics tracking & reporting
  • Unlimited expert consulting

How Can We Do This?

We can do this because we are among the highest level experts and know how to execute efficiently. Our proprietary systems allow us to deliver exceptional quality, speed, and reliably good service. With us, you deal directly with the marketing experts and not a phalanx of sales people and middlemen.

Have Questions?

Have Questions?



For over a year my business has been using the package of services from AllFor129. We are pleased with the services, and the price is very affordable. I would like to thank the incredible team, and highly recommend this package to others. Thank you.

Nicohdia P.

My name is Michael and I have to say that AllFor129 has been fantastic for my company. They created an excellent website for me. And whenever I contact them for changes to the site, they get completed very quickly. Whenever I'm asked about this service, I always give them a high rating.

Micheal D.

This is to recommend the AllFor129 marketing services package. I've been a beneficiary of their services for several months. Not only was I provided excellent web design, but I'm also benefiting from some of the search engine optimization features that are offered. In addition, I surprisingly found it very user-friendly and easy to deal with the staff, even though they are many miles away from my location. I am a very satisfied customer.

Bill S.

My wife and I have been using this marketing package for about six months. We want to say that they have been doing a great job and we highly recommend it. They are very responsive, dependable, and consistent in getting our message out. If you are interested in improving your marketing, this package is a great deal. You can't go wrong.

Dr. Jack M.

Not only are the marketing services working great for my business, but the personal attention I get with this service is invaluable to me. I highly recommend them. This package has made a difference in my business.

David N.

My name is Beverly. I am the owner of Island Touch Massage & Spa. Brickway Marketing has been doing my social media and online marketing, and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the way they are handling my exposure over the Internet. I certainly would recommend them to anyone who would like to know that their needs are being met, and that they use a company they can trust. I will continue to use them for my social media needs.

Beverly M.

I highly recommend Brickway Marketing. They've increased our revenue at our insurance agency by 30%. Our Facebook Page and Google Plus presence have given us tremendous results. Highly recommended.

Dave P.

Beautiful Websites

Beautiful Websites

Our websites are beautiful, modern, and responsive to show nicely on any type of device. But we’re not only designers — We are marketers! Your website should not only look nice but be an instrument that helps turn visitors into customers.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Whether your goal is to be found through search engines or social media, content creation is the lynch-pin for success. Content, such as blog posts and videos, gets noticed and indexed by search engines and is also great for social media.

Social Media Exposure

Social Media Exposure

These days people are spending enormous amounts of time using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. If businesses owners want to gain visibility, it is imperative to take advantage of these social platforms.