Are you trying to get more exposure for your business in search engines? Would you like to see your web pages ranking high whenever someone does a search related to your keywords? Then keep this advice in mind as you build and improve your website: Be Lovable!

Search engines like Google are in the business of helping people find the information they are seeking. They have extremely sophisticated algorithms that analyze webpages for relevance and credibility. The way they determine credibility has a lot to do with popularity. Signals are tracked and analyzed that determine how popular webpages are. For example, how long do visitors usually stay before clicking off to somewhere else? What is the “click through rate” for certain pages when they appear in search results? These and many other popularity signals can be determining factors for which webpages will get the most exposure.

The question to ask yourself is: Are your webpages lovable?

When it comes to webpages, user experience will always be of enormous importance. In fact, you should never stop focusing on and improving the user experience on your website. Constantly strive to make it better, and better, and better. Examine it regularly on different device types, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Ask your friends and associates to do the same. Try to get suggestions for ways to improve your website.

Here are some questions that might be helpful as you try to optimize your website:

  • Is your site built on a “responsive” platform that adapts nicely when viewed on different device types?
  • Do your pages load fast enough, or are they too slow?
  • Do your pages look relevant for your kind of business? (The number one job of the website is to make people feel they are in the right place.)
  • Do you have content that is informative, interesting, and likely to grab their attention?
  • Is your website easy to navigate so visitors can find what they want quickly?
  • Do your web pages have images that are appealing and relevant? (It’s almost always best to use images that have human faces in them.)
  • Can you think of other features or types of content that your website visitors might enjoy or appreciate?
  • Do you have videos, frequently asked questions, or other features that help explain the value of what you offer?
  • Do you feature a prominent call to action, so your website visitors know what to do next?

It’s been said that the best strategy for SEO is to simply do the things that you should be doing anyway. This means make a great website that people will want to visit, link to, and hopefully recommend to their friends.

By Barry Abraham

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